Do you need emergency service? We can get your site up and going in no time.

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Protect your website - Protect your business

  • Priority Response Team

    We’re here to help with experienced, fast and efficient service. If you’re in crises, we actually care, and we will do everything we can to help.

  • Best Practices Worksheet

    Hackers know that human error is the easiest way into your network.  We’ll provide training to help prevent the leakage of information that leads to critical data.

  • Protect and Prevent

    Protect your site before the hackers find it. We’ll increase your security, place monitoring systems, and look for potential problems before they happen.

Product Feature
  • Botnet Removal

    Aggressive botnets attack other sites while using your resources.  We will install vital systems to block and remove the botnets before you’re blocked too.

  • Malware Removal

    We will detect and remove malware by running a complete scan of your site.  Then we monitor for future file changes and notify you before you get blocked by Google.

  • Performance Montoring

    We monitor the real-time performance of your site to be certain that your customers can do business with you.  We know that you can’t make money if your site is down.

Complete Web Site Protection

Site Security Analysis

We will provide a complete site analysis of your site. Fix the critical issues first, and give you a full report.

Site Log Analysis

We will install log systems that will detect user activity, look for errors, and help you prevent future problems.

Domain and SSL Expiration Monitors

We will log and create monitors to alert you when your secure socket layer (SSL) and domain names are near expiration.

Web Master Tools

We will register and authenticate your site with Google and Bing webmaster tools in order to provide you with reliable search engine access.

Anti-Spam Protection

We will put systems in place to help prevent your site from being abused by resource hogging spammers.

DNS Management

We can set up a remote DNS so that you are not impaired by network outages at your web host. This allows you to quickly change the IP address and point to new servers.

Scheduled Database Backup

We will create an archive of your database and send new backups of your database to a 3rd party site on a daily basis.

Scheduled File Backup

We will create an archive of your website files and update the files daily on a remote file server as they change on your server.

"It’s important to use a service which keeps watch on the ability of your website to stay in business."



Priority Service

Was $249 Annually

  • Complete Site Analysis for Maximum Security
  • Email Support 1 Business Day
  • Automatic Backups Using 3rd party services
  • Best Practices Tutorials

Emergency Service

Was $299 Annually

24 Hour

  • Complete Site Analysis for Maximum Security
  • Email Support 24 Hour Response
  • Automatic Backups Using 3rd party services
  • Best Practices Tutorials

"We provide more than just information about software. We provide full service and support by professionals that actually care about your business."

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