Complete Web Site Protection

[half_first][title]Site Security Analysis[/title]
[icon]fire[/icon]We will provide a complete site analysis of your site. Fix the critical issues first, and give you a full report.[/half_first]
[half_last][title]Site Log Analysis[/title]
[icon]tint[/icon]We will install log systems that will detect user activity, look for errors, and help you prevent future problems.[/half_last]

[half_first][title]Domain and SSL Expiration Monitors[/title]
[icon]cog[/icon]We will log and create monitors to alert you when your secure socket layer (SSL) and domain names are near expiration.[/half_first]
[half_last][title]Web Master Tools[/title]
[icon]edit[/icon]We will register and authenticate your site with Google and Bing webmaster tools in order to provide you with reliable search engine access.[/half_last]

[half_first][title]Anti-Spam Protection[/title]
[icon]leaf[/icon]We will put systems in place to help prevent your site from being abused by resource hogging spammers.[/half_first]
[half_last][title]DNS Management[/title]
[icon]edit[/icon]We can set up a remote DNS so that you are not impaired by network outages at your web host. This allows you to quickly change the IP address and point to new servers.[/half_last]

[half_first][title]Scheduled Database Backup[/title]
[icon]cog[/icon]We will create an archive of your database and send new backups of your database to a 3rd party site on a daily basis.[/half_first]
[half_last][title]Scheduled File Backup[/title]
[icon]edit[/icon]We will create an archive of your website files and update the files daily on a remote file server as they change on your server.[/half_last]


It’s important to use a service which keeps watch on the ability of your website to stay in business.




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We provide more than just information about software. We provide full service and support by professionals that actually care about your business.

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