Last August 3rd… we were put out of business for 2 and a half days.  It was bad.  It effected online sales, retail sales, customer service, emails,… everything.

Why?  We didn’t have an emergency plan in place.  We assumed that since our web hosting service had been good for so long, that everything would be fine.  Then it happened.  For the second time in my life, I was devastated by a web hosting company.  Yes, the second time.  You would have thought that the first time would have taught me a lesson.  But it was a different web host with a great reputation. Surely, it couldn’t happen again.

Fortunately it only lasted a few days.  But just as we began to recover financially…

It happened again.

Another outage.  This time it was only for about 18 hours.  Again… web sales, retail sales, customer service, everything was offline.

That’s when I realized that not only did we need a plan… but we needed the ability to carry it out.  Yes, it’s one thing to have backups, but if your web host is down, how do you access them?  You can’t.  How current were the backups?  What about unfulfilled sales? How easy would it be to change DNS?

It was a nightmare.  But we got through it.  A couple of months later, we were attacked by hackers.  What was going on?  All that effort to optimize for SEO, to work on conversions and to build a great user experience, ultimately didn’t mean anything if our site was down.

I finally dedicated myself to discovering the emergency plan and prevention system necessary to making certain that our servers would be up practically all the time, and if they weren’t up, they would be moved within a matter of hours.

No longer would we be held hostage by web host companies that just don’t care, overwhelmed with their own problems, or held at ransom by hackers from Russia, China, and who knows where else just trying to make a quick buck or just have a laugh. So I created a solution.  

It’s called Internet Assure.

It’s all about making certain that all of the systems are in place to help prevent hacks, spam, downtime, and how to respond to them when it happens.  Notice I didn’t say “if” it happens.  Thats right. If you make money online, then you know it’s a matter of “when” it’s going to happen.

Internet Assure tackles all of the security needs required.

From optimizing server settings and firewalls, to fixing vulnerabilities within your website. Likewise, we provide the best practices to help assure that you’re not hustled, tricked and hacked in other ways.  Yes, I was hacked once because an employee had malware on the computer used to FTP files to the server.

Today it’s even worse with the prominence of mobile devices, often cracked on purpose by employees looking to just have fun.  Likewise, email phishing, social phishing, and the dirty tricks hackers and hustlers use these days.

Ask yourself this.

Do your employees use the same password for multiple sites, emails, social profiles?  Yes, of course.  Hackers know this.  Are you now exposed? ABSOLUTELY.


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